Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Women

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Women

Are you a women new to dirt biking and trying to find the right bike for you?  This article is for you!

Finding the right dirt bike for a beginner female rider can be a daunting task because there is a sea of options to choose from.  But we have composed a list of things to consider when making your decision and have listed the best beginner dirt bikes for women!  

Things to consider:

  • As a beginner, the most important thing is that you feel confident on the bike.  Some riders make the mistake of purchasing a dirt bike that is too powerful or large to control properly.  It is important to find a dirt bike that fits you well and you feel confident you can control.
  • In the beginning, as you learn to ride it is important that both of your feet have the ability to touch the ground.  More aggressive competition dirt bikes have tall seat heights, which are great for experts landing large jumps but you are not there yet! Having both of your feet on the group will help give you the confidence to improve your skills and become an expert one day.
  • Electric start, electric start, electric start! Having an electric start button will greatly enhance your experience as opposed to a bike with just a kickstart, which can sometimes put you in exhausting and infuriating situations.  Spare yourself the pain and get a bike with electric start!
  • You may have heard the term "2-stroke" and "4-stroke".  Without diving too deep into the subject here is what you need to know.  A 2-stroke dirt bike generally has an aggressive power delivery.  Whereas, a 4-stroke dirt bike has a more forgiving and linear power curve.  Long story short, ideally a women new to dirt biking should be looking for a 4-stroke dirt bike because they are easier to control.  Bonus, a 4-stroke dirt bike takes straight gas (instead of pre-mixing gas and oil for a 2-stroke).
  • An inevitable fact of dirt biking is that you will drop the bike; therefore,  you need to be able to pick your bike back up.  So when shopping for a dirt bike you can politely ask the seller if they are willing to gently lay the bike down and then see if you can lift it up.
  • Not all dirt bikes like to go slow! When you are learning to ride you will be moving slowly and you need a bike that is designed to handle lower speeds.  There is a saying "it is more fun to go fast on a slow bike, than slow on a fast bike" - this is the truth!  
  • Lastly, you can't ride a dirt bike without rocking some stylish riding gear! Check out Her Moto's: women's motocross gear

Considering all of those things listed above, here is our list!

The Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Women:

Honda CRF125F/FB 

This is a very popular choice for multiple reasons.  Firstly, it is lightweight (198 lbs) and forgiving.  The 125cc 4-stroke motor has a very low key power delivery, which means you can be confident when twisting the throttle but it is powerful enough to have lots of fun.  It has electric start plus a backup kickstart incase the battery dies. The bike is made in 2 different wheel sizes.  The CRF125F is the small wheel version (29.1" seat height), and the CRF125FB is the large wheel version (30.9" seat height), which means you should be able to get both of your feet firmly on the ground when sitting on the seat as a late teen/adult rider.  Also it is value priced so you do not need to break the bank to get a new or used CRF125F/FB.  Lastly, Honda is a fantastic brand and they are known for being extremely reliable and therefore hold their value for resale.

Yamaha TT-R125LE

Another great choice for similar reasons.  The TTR125LE is lightweight (198 lbs) and has a confidence inspiring and forgiving power delivery.  It also has a 125cc 4-stroke motor that uses straight gas.  It has the all important electric start button plus a backup kickstart for peace of mind.  The bikes seat height 31.7", which means compared to the Honda CRF125FB it can suit a slightly taller rider.  The TT-R125LE is also value priced making a new or used bike affordable. Yamaha is a very reputable manufacturer that you can trust and they have great dealer and parts support.  The only draw back is the bike is carbureted, which is an older form of bike technology.  Without getting too technical, a carbureted bike has an idle adjuster screw, choke and fuel on/off switch that you may have to play around with on rare occasions. 

Kawasaki KLX140R/L/F

This bike is made in 3 different seat heights: KLX140R is the lowest at 30.7" & 205 lbs, the KLX140L is 31.5" & 209 lbs, and the KLX140F is the tallest at 33.9" & 2018 lbs.  The KLX140 has an easy to use and smooth powered 140cc 4-stroke motor and the magic electric start button, but it does not have a backup kickstart incase your battery dies.  The braking system is advanced on the KLX140 models because they have front and rear disc brakes (as opposed to rear drum brakes on the CRF125 and TTR125).  The KLX140 line is priced well allowing new riders to enter the sport without putting out loads of cash.  Kawasaki is also a very reputable brand with great dealership and parts support with reputation for building quality dirt bikes.

Honda CRF250F

The CRF250F is a great entry level dirt bike if you are a late teenager or adult rider.  This bike will fit taller female riders as it has a seat height of 34.8"; however a draw back is the bike is on the heavier side weighing in at 265 lbs, which can make it harder to handle for a lighter rider.  Its 250cc 4-stroke motor has a responsive power curve tuned for ride-ability and is still considered "laid back" compared to full size competition dirt bikes.  And of course, the bike has electric start but it does not have a backup kickstart.  The CRF250F is priced higher than the previously listed bikes but it is still considered "value priced" relative to more expensive competition bikes.  In summary, the CRF250F is a good choice for a plus sized or taller female rider who needs a taller seat height, more robust suspension and is ready for a peppier motor.


Yamaha TT-R230

Easy to use, easy to start, easy to ride.  The performance and size of the Yamaha TT-R230 is similar to the Honda CRF250F; however, the seat height is slightly lower at 34.3" and it is 14 lbs lighter than the Honda CRF250F.  Like the Honda CRF250F it suits a taller teenage or adult female rider and can be tricky for a smaller framed rider to handle.  It's smooth and predictable 230cc 4-stroke motor is perfect for beginner riders who can handle it's physical size.  The bike has electric start but does not have a backup kickstart.  Two drawbacks of the TT-R230 are the fact it has a rear drum brake, which is underpowered for the weight and size of the bike and it is still carbureted, which means it has an idle adjuster screw, choke and fuel on/off switch that you may have to play around with on rare occasions.  All in all, this is a great choice for a beginner female rider who is in need of a taller seat height, robust suspension and predictable power.

Kawasaki KLX230R S

The KLX230R S has the tallest seat height in our list of recommendations coming in at 35.4" and weighs in at 254lbs (2nd heaviest).  Like the CRF250F & TTR230 the KLX230R S is ideal for a taller teenage or adult female rider.  It has a fun loving, 230cc 4-stroke hassle free motor, which is predictable and smooth.  It also has great braking power with front and rear disc brakes.  Its electric start makes ignition stress free; however, it does not have a backup kickstart.  The KLX230R S is priced well and competes directly with the CRF250F and TT-R230.  The Kawasaki is a reliable bike that you can depend on and trust.  In summary, a great choice for a plus sized or taller beginner female rider looking to get out on the trails.

We love the fact that you are exploring the idea of getting a dirt bike and more women are riding dirt bikes than ever!  It truly is a fantastic hobby that will challenge you and provide countless benefits for your health, wellness and bring new connections and friendships into your life!  The female riding community is growing and you should join in! 

We at Her Moto appreciate every female rider and aim to serve the female riding community with the best off-road riding gear possible just for women!  If you have not already looked, check out our website: 

See you on the trails!

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