The Top 5 Motocross Dirt Bikes for Women

The Top 5 Motocross Dirt Bikes for Women

Looking for a dirt bike to ride on the motocross track can be a daunting task filled with endless options and opinions.  There are many important things to consider as a female rider, such as your skill level of riding (beginner - intermediate - advanced), your size and fit, and your comfort level with engine power.  It is always best to consider trying various bikes to ensure you feel comfortable with their size, handling and power.  We also recommend connecting with a reputable multi-line dealership who can help with good unbiased advice.  Ultimately, the right choice will align with your specific goals, skill level  and riding style.   Here is our short list to help with your search, our Top 5 Motocross Dirt Bikes for Women:

Honda CRF150R (big wheel & small wheel)

Skill level: Beginner - Intermediate

  • Manageable size: The CRF150R is smaller and lighter than many full-sized motocross bikes, making it easier to handle for female riders with smaller frames. Offering a low 32.8 inch seat height and weight of 185 pounds wet.
  • User friendly power: The 150cc 4-stroke motor can be less intimidating for riders transitioning from smaller bikes with a linear power curve offering good bottom and top end power.
  • Beginner to intermediate progression: Considered a good step-up bike for beginners who have mastered smaller bikes and are ready for a more powerful machine but aren't quite ready for a full-sized motocross bike.
  • 2 wheel size options:  Honda makes this bike with 2 different wheel sizes (small & big wheel), which provides a lower or taller seat height option.

Kawasaki KX112 (2-stroke)

Skill level: Beginner - Intermediate

  • Scaled down size: The lower seat height and lighter weight make the KX112 easier to manage which can be an advantage for female riders , in particular those with shorter stature or less experience. (34.3 inch seat height & 170 pounds)
  • Transition bike: It can serve as an excellent transition bike for riders who have outgrown smaller bikes but aren't yet ready for a full-sized MX bikes.
  • Manageable power: the 2-stroke 112cc motor offers smooth and more predictable power delivery, which can make is less intimidating for female riders transitioning from smaller bikes onto the track.
  • Reliability: Kawasaki is known for producing durable and reliable, giving a rider peace of mind on the track.

Yamaha YZ125 (2-stroke)

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

  • Lightweight & maneuverable:  The YZ125 is know for its lightweight and nimble characteristics (208 pounds wet).  It is substantially lighter than the classic 250cc four-stroke engines found in the most common MX bikes.
  • Full-size ride height: Being a full sized motocross bike (38.6 inch seat height) a female rider can take advantage of the long travel stroke in the suspension making it ideal for handling larger jumps and rougher bumps encountered on the MX track.
  • Forgiving Power:  This bike features a 125cc 2-stroke engine, which is smoother and less "wirey" compared to the 250cc 2-stroke engine found in the YZ250.  It allows the rider to control the power more easily and can be less intimidating transitioning from a lesser powered bike.


KTM 250 SX (2 stroke)

Skill level: Intermediate - Advanced

  • High Performance: Known for its exceptional performance on the MX track, making it suitable for women looking for a powerful and competitive bike.  Equipped with high quality suspension allowing riders to push their limits.
  • Lightweight & full-sized: Relatively lightweight at 219 pounds (compared to full-sized 250cc 4-stroke bikes).  Making it agile and easy to handle on the track.  Long suspension travel soaks up jumps and large bumps very well.
  • Electric Start:  Simple push button starting in newer 250SX models saves you from kickstarting the bike.  During a race, this can be a big advantage if you accidently stall or crash the bike.
  • Proven track record: KTM has a strong presence in motocross and the 250SX is well regarded for reliability and durability.

Please note, the KTM 250SX is a high performance bike which can be challenging to control for less experienced riders or those transitioning from smaller bikes.

Honda CRF250R (4-stroke)

Skill level: Intermediate - Advanced

  • Strong track record:  Being a full-sized bike it is a very popular choice for both male and female riders track riding.  The CRF250R has a history of success in MX racing and respected for its performance.
  • Honda reliability: Honda is famously known for its reliability and durability with excellent dealership and parts support.  
  • Manageable power:  the 250cc four-stroke engine has a steady, linear and predictable power curve, that is not "peaky" or overwhelming.  However, it is considered a competition motor that is suited for a more experienced rider.  It is not suited for a novice rider.
  • Electric Start:  The magic E-button makes starting quick and painless
  • Larger sizing:  Having a full-sized seat height of 37.8 inches and weight of 229 pounds it is suited for female riders with larger and taller statures.

Please note, the CRF250R is a high performance bike which can be challenging to control for less experienced riders or those transitioning from smaller bikes.


Good luck in your search & happy riding ladies!

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